People Energy Healing

Everyone has their own unique individual energy signature. Our energy signature is formed as a result of how we react to life and it reveals your life story. It holds the secret as to why you might be finding yourself stuck or unable to get well. Energy healing is for people at any stage in their life.  However, when receiving energy healing you do not have to share your life story.

Energy Signature Healing will clear the blocks on a physical level for the body and addresses the genetic patterns that run within your family lines. Clearing blocked energy at emotional, mental and spiritual levels, this treatment will give you inner strength and confidence, leaving you feeling light and peaceful.

I work with your ‘healing team’ to find your balance to transform the parts of you that feel stuck, so you can reach your true potential in all areas of your life.

Energy healing will support you in all areas of your life and does not conflict with any other therapies. Energy healing helps you to achieve wellness, strength and confidence, so you can truly celebrate your life. Energy healing is for anyone at any age.

Your Healing Team

In energy healing I work with your healing team. The healing team is made up of beings of light depending on each person’s belief system.

What to expect in a healing session with Marilyn

During your session you will remain fully clothed while laying down. A cover will be placed over your body to ensure a feeling of safety and comfort. I will work to clear your energy signature. This is done above your body. At some point in the healing I may hold your feet or shoulders. Don’t hesitate to tell me what it is you want to clear within yourself. I look forward to helping you be at your best!

Sessions are usually 30 mins for $40.00. First time appointments are 45 mins for.$50.00

For an appointment please contact through the contact page.


24 thoughts on “People Energy Healing

  1. Hobbling in pain from Rheumatism in my feet and legs, I went to visit Marilyn for some healing. It was amazing. I walked out of there without the ‘sharp rocks’ in my feet, and I was able to bend my knee more than 25degrees without pain and discomfort. Thank you Marilyn, you have been blessed with a true gift of healing. Anyone considering healing with Marilyn, GO!
    A beautiful, genuine lady with a beautiful heart for healing. Thank You xxooxx


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