Healing Gem

Gem is a 12 and a half year old female dog who has a history of kidney failure. At present she only has one kidney working and the other one is swollen from the outside. This causes her bladder weakness and incontinence, despite being on pills for it. Gem also has arthritis in her hips and she has trouble walking up stairs and jumping up. Gem has had a few healings now and the owner has reported that she noticed Gem seemed happier with more energy and she was more able to walk up the stairs.IMG_2460

Healing Boz

Boz is a retired rescue horse that lives on a farm with donkeys Brook and Barnaby and several sheep. All the animals get regular healings to help with their stress and abuse issues they had from previous owners. Boz is the first horse I have done a healing on and the owner says he over time has shown great improvement in his socialisation. IMG_2421

Healing Texas Ranger

Unfortunately Texas Ranger was attacked by a dog. She was nowhere to be found for a week despite hours of searching the long grasses and under bushes. Miraculously, after a final attempt to flush out anything under a flax bush, a very thin and frightened chicken appeared. How she was still alive, is unknown as she had puncture wounds, loss of feathers and was very dehydrated. She was taken to the bird vet and given antibiotics and fluid injected under the skin. Combined with this she received  healings to help with the recovery. Luckily she was easy to hold as she is pretty tame. The healings helped to keep her calm so that her body could use the energy to heal. After a couple of weeks, she made a full recovery and is doing well laying eggs again.IMG_2402

Healing Bosco

Bosco was abandoned as a kitten and found hiding in a car engine, he is now 1.5 years old.  He has a strong but strange personality, he loves the rain, going for car rides and defending his turf from the neighbourhood cats.  As a suspected result of his abandonment Bosco has anxiety when left alone, he will meow and cry until someone gives him attention or food, but he will not socialize with other animals and hides from people he has not met before.  He also bites and scratches people who try to pick him up for a cuddle when he is not in the mood for affection.  After a healing on Saturday morning he confidently strutted over to Saturday night guests he had not met before and didn’t bite or scratch anyone that gave him a pat.  He paced himself when eating dinner and even left a few biscuits for later. When in contact with other animals the next day he did not hiss and growl like he usually would, he was also more energetic and was jumping over things instead of taking the long way around.