Healing Lucy

Lucy is an 18 year old female cat. She has a history of fits, incontinence, arthritis and a lower droopy spine. She is deaf and has the beginnings of dementia, as she gets lost. I am proud to say she was my first patient and any improvement was greatly sort after. Amazingly, after her first treatment, her tail was immediately held a little higher. Her owners reported to me the next day she was no where to be seen inside and they were shocked to see her on top of the pool trellis outside, her favourite sunning spot, once again. She continues to this day to go outside to do her business, although she still has some accidents.

Healing Teddy

Teddy is a 2 year old male cat, he is dominant and bullies the other cats in his family.  He was introduced last into the family, consequently is timid and acts out by bullying the others.  After his healing he settled right down to being comfortable being held and he is more tolerant of the other cats.