Aromatouch massage

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I am  certified in Aromatouch technique massage. Using Doterra therapeutic grade essential oils and light to moderate ( not deep tissue )  massage technique on the head, back and feet (or hands if you prefer), it will stimulate the muscles, skin and connective tissues to help promote healing, balance and connection.

Using the oils balance blend, lavender malaleuca, on guard blend, aromatouch blend, wild orange and peppermint and deep blue blend, you will get the natural health benefits as well as coming away smelling amazing. I recommend combining an aromatouch massage with an energy healing session.Working together, you will  feel relaxed and calm and centered.

Session cost: aromatherapy massage $45.00 for 50 mins hands on, allow 1 hr.  Aromatherapy and healing session combined $85.00 for 80 mins session  (50 mins aromatouch massage and 30 mins energy healing), allow 1 1/2 hrs. Bookings can be made through contact page.