Homemade Doterra eco friendly products

I am passionate about using environmental friendly products that dont harm our skin which is the the biggest organ in our body. Often we forget that everything we touch chemically gets absorbed into our blood stream so it is important to use products that are beneficial and help us to take control of our health naturally. I have developed through trial and research some amazing smelling products that I’m sure you will love too.

Marilyn’s Night / Repair Cream

Hydrating repair for mature skin. My 50g cream contains fatty emulsion cream, rose water aloe flesh which is a natural healer, fractionated coconut oil, Doterra essential oils- frankin
cense, lavender, geranium, helichrysum. These oils were selected for their cell renewal and benefits for skin. Each 50 g glass pot with gold lid is $35.00. Please contact me through my contact page for order. Postage is additional.



Marilyn’s Doterra OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash

For those of you that love hand washing multiple times a day, this amazing handwash will assist your skin in maintaining a healthy protective layer and does not contain nasties that strip the skin. Hand wash contains natural soap and Doterra OnGuard essential oil which supports natural immune systems. Each 300 ml container is $4.50. Purchase available through my contact page. Postage is additional. Refills available to reduce waste on request.



Marilyn’s Cedarwood mens essential oil

Ever smelt freshly sawn Cedarwood and thought that would make a perfect men’s essential oil. Well think no further, I have created it. Using Doterra essential oil this combination mixed with fractionated coconut oil is a winner. Smells so earthy and is definately good for the skin. Can promote feeling of calmness and grounding. Each 10ml glass vial has a roller ball for easy application. $15.00 each 10ml bottle. Purchase through my contact page. Postage additional.